BeyondTrust Launches Cloud Privilege Broker for Control Over Multicloud Permissions & Entitlements | BeyondTrust

It is my pleasure to announce the release of BeyondTrust Cloud Privilege Broker, a new solution built from the ground up to help our customers regain control over critical cloud infrastructure and better communicate and mitigate risks associated with multicloud entitlements. Cloud Privilege Broker empowers customers with a centralized, efficient, and granular way to manage thousands of permissions and entitlements across their cloud footprint.

Cloud Privilege Broker is BeyondTrust’s first product in the Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management (CIEM) space. With this solution, we are leveraging our experience and know-how in managing privileged access and applying the principle of least privilege (PoLP), and extending it to cloud infrastructure. Cloud Privilege Broker helps organizations defend against data breaches, malicious attacks, and other risks posed by excessive cloud permissions.

As organizations accelerate their digital transformation projects and migrate more and more resources to the cloud, the proliferation and complexity of cloud services has led to a skyrocketing of over-permissioned identities. Organizations increasingly struggle with identifying who has access to what data and resources across which cloud platforms. This gap in visibility creates a risky environment, putting pressure on IT and security teams already taxed with limited tools and resources. To mitigate this risk, organizations must implement effective cloud infrastructure security controls to avoid leaving their cloud environments open to attack.

Cloud service providers (CSPs), such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, have their own identity and access management tools, with unique language and security responsibility models; but these tools are designed only for their own environments, which means managing permissions across multiple clouds requires a ‘swivel chair’ approach from console to console. This siloed approach is inefficient, it increases the risk of a breach, and amplifies the costs for non-compliance.

BeyondTrust Cloud Privilege Broker gives IT and Security teams immediate visibility of permissions and entitlements with the discovery of users, roles, and policies across multiple platforms—via a single console. As a cloud-hosted SaaS offering, the solution can be deployed quickly with immediate classification of risk. Cloud Privilege Broker prioritizes a list of critical items and provides guided remediation, across different platforms, dramatically improving your cloud security posture.

We are excited about the fast time-to-value we can offer our customers, with a deployment that can be done within an hour. We have leveraged our deep expertise in managing privileges to naturally extend to helping our customers secure their infrastructure across multiple clouds, significantly reducing risk and improving overall visibility and security.

Multicloud Security, Made Simple

BeyondTrust customers have impressed upon us the importance of understanding and communicating the risk associated with cloud permissions and entitlements. For this reason, we have created a simple, user-friendly, but effective, dashboard that provides an overall risk score and risk-over-time.

We believe that the best way to mitigate cloud risk and work towards a zero trust model is through the implementation of least privilege policies. We help our customers accomplish this with granular recommendations and guided remediation. This approach removes uncertainty and ensures that the mitigation efforts are as effective as possible by tackling highly privileged items first.

Cloud Privilege Broker is deployed on our BeyondInsight platform, providing a familiar user interface and experience for BeyondTrust customers. The solution enables organizations to:

  • Gain immediate visibility over permissions and entitlements across multicloud infrastructure
  • Rapidly identify high-privileged users
  • Simplify management of entitlements by providing granular recommendations for implementing policies across cloud platforms, from a single interface
  • Mitigate privilege creep by continually exposing and right-sizing excessive permissions
  • Understand the risk associated with entitlements, with a single risk score
  • Track mitigation efforts with a view of risk over time
  • Help security and audit teams meet and prove compliance with a view of completed recommendations and an audit trail.

With Cloud Privilege Broker, you have centralized, efficient, and granular management of thousands of cloud permissions and entitlements that puts teams back in control of their critical infrastructure, significantly reducing the risk of a data breach. Cloud Privilege Broker is built on a modern cloud technology platform that leverages a microservices architecture, enabling built-in scalability and resilience.

Cloud Privilege Broker is now available. Learn more.

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