Forcepoint Closes Acquisition of Bitglass

That’s why I’m excited to announce today Forcepoint completed the acquisition of Security Service Edge (SSE) leader Bitglass. Bitglass helps reduce today’s security complexity by delivering one security policy for accessing the web, cloud and private data centers. Their cloud-native platform seamlessly combines the key security products an enterprise needs for its journey to the cloud: visibility and security for cloud apps (CASB), web security (SWG), access to private applications without the limitations of VPNs (ZTNA), continuous monitoring of cloud infrastructure for security and compliance gaps (CSPM), and data loss prevention (DLP). You can manage everything Bitglass delivers from a single cloud-based interface with high availability of 99.99% uptime and low latency due to its more than 300 “points of presence” (PoPs) that enable security at scale.

The hybrid workplace is the key to productivity in the modern world, but it’s also a target-rich environment for hackers. Securing people’s access to business data and intellectual property efficiently has become an essential enabler for the enterprise. With employees returning to the office, traveling more, and working from their home various days during the week, IT security teams are under intense pressure to enable safe and consistent access to resources and apps. Hyperscale public cloud infrastructures are growing and enabling systems built on them to expand and contract as needed to support these hybrid workforces. Security has to keep up with and adapt to these changing conditions while retaining control over critical corporate assets.

As enterprises continue to evolve their growth strategies, they’ll require an equally dynamic approach to security. If your business plans to make a big competitive splash in a new market or product category, you’ll need a fluid way to manage the associated digital risks. Will you require additional network connections, how will you control access to data and prevent theft of intellectual property, and how will you monitor for potential compliance exposure? Can you afford to make any tradeoffs between digital transformation and online risk?

Bitglass is a perfect fit for Forcepoint’s Data-first SASE approach, and together we’ll simplify security to meet the hyperscale demands of today’s rapidly changing enterprise. I can’t stress enough how strategic and important it is for security to enable, not constrain, the business. Many of you seem to agree with me, as our recent C-Suite Report: Business and Security Strategies for Today’s Unbound Enterprise showed that 45% of executive and security leaders believe they have greatly accelerated digital transformation as a result of the pandemic, 48% pointed to cybersecurity’s bigger role in facilitating innovation, and 41% said that cyber delivers a competitive edge.

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the Bitglass team! We are excited to join forces and build what I believe will become the de facto cloud-based digital security platform of the future, today.

By uniting Bitglass’ cloud-native security with Forcepoint, we’ll offer exciting choices and pathways to address these questions and issues for our customers. Together, we’ll deliver the first digital security platform that brings together data security, network, web, and cloud security; threat protection; advanced monitoring; and Zero Trust control to empower companies to safely use data where and how your people need it. Our mission to simplify security and protect data wherever it is needed will help executive leaders align their organizations to support digital security as a competitive differentiator.

This post was first first published on Forcepoint website by Manny Rivelo. You can view it by clicking here