Passwords Do NOT Cut it: Why MFA is Critical Today

Date: 2021-07-28
Author: Carolina Martinez, GM Americas

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It’s time for summer school — but this one requires just a few minutes of your time and there is no homework. We’ve launched our Versasec Summer Series, a collection of short, educational video blogs that explore multi-factor authentication (MFA) and public key infrastructure (PKI). In this installment, I interview our CEO, Joakim Thoren, and we discuss why passwords alone do not offer enough protection for today’s enterprises.

Upcoming videos will examine how various regions in the world view and address the challenges of user authentication, the questions our customers and prospects most frequently ask us about how to implement PKI and MFA, and the best ways to manage all of the challenges associated with these technologies.

If you have any questions around PKI, MFA or how and why managing user identities has never been more important, please reach out to us here and click on OPEN CHAT.

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