5 Steps to SASE: Protecting Remote Workers, a discussion with Dr. Chase Cunningham

To shed some light on this crucial topic, I recently sat down with several experts to talk about five of the most common steps that businesses and government agencies tell us they’re taking in their journey to cloud-native connectivity and protection. These are quick conversations, no death by PowerPoint.

Virtual Series – 5 Steps to SASE: Step 1 Wed. May 12

Step 1 session with Dr. Chase Cunningham

We’ll kick off the first session Wednesday, May 12. You can register for it here.

We look at some of the best practices that real-world organizations have put in place in response to the events of the past 12 months for protecting people working on the web and in the cloud from home. We particularly focus on how remote browser isolation (RBI) has become a game-changer and a significant part of how SASE-based security is delivering Zero Trust-as-a-Service (ZTaaS). Several birds with one stone, as the old saying goes.

The Protecting Remote Workers represents the first step in a five-part series. For it I’ll be joined by Dr. Chase Cunningham, Chief Strategy Officer at Ericom Software Some of you may know him as “Dr. Zero Trust,” or when he was a Principal Analyst at Forrester.

Register for this first session today. Chase and I always have fun when we talk. We hope you enjoy it as well. And join the conversation #5steps2sase on LinkedIn and Twitter.

This post was first first published on Forcepoint website by Jim Fulton. You can view it by clicking here