MIM migration to vSEC:CMS is an easy and fast

Date: 2021-04-23
Author: Joakim Thorén, CEO

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The good news? Versasec makes migration to vSEC:CMS simple and fast.

When we alert some of our customer prospects that Versasec makes it easy to migrate to our vSEC:CMS from Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) and its predecessor, the Forefront Identity Manager (FIM), we often meet with verbal pushback. The argument we hear is that Microsoft has prolonged its support for the discontinued FIM/MIM until 2026. While that is technically true, the software giant has publicly announced it is already no longer providing support for many of the attributes within FIM/MIM including the management of certificates and smart cards.

While FIM 2010 R2 is supported until October next year, and MIM 2016 R2 is supported until mid-January 2016, those companies that need support around managing their identification certificates and smart cards may find themselves out of luck if they ask Microsoft for help.

Versasec can help, and we’ve made it very simple and seamless to migrate to vSEC:CMS for identity and access management. Companies impacted by the FIM/MIM support issue should visit the Versasec migration page where they can see how we’re making the transition to vSEC:CMS S-Series fast and painless. As they will see, vSEC:CMS S-Series has a built-in migration wizard so users can quickly upgrade from FIM/MIM to vSEC:CMS S-Series with no business interruptions, while taking advantage of the many features and customization options vSEC:CMS S-Series provides.

Organizations that do make the upgrade to vSEC:CMS, will gain benefits including scalability, cost savings, disaster recovery functions and strong security. We provide regular updates to our offerings, and they are all highly customizable and user-friendly.

For more details about vSEC:CMS, check out the product home page!

Photo by Neil Thomas.

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