ThreatMark recognized in Now Tech: Enterprise Fraud Management Q1 2021 report

We’re excited to announce that ThreatMark has been recognized as an Enterprise Fraud Management Provider in Forrester’s Now Tech: Enterprise Fraud Management, Q1 2021 report.

As a fraud prevention solution for banks and the financial industry, we’re thrilled that ThreatMark was mentioned in this report.

In the era of fastened digitalization driven by the pandemic, fighting fraud has never been so important. Businesses around the world, especially banks, are dealing with an increased level of fraud and social engineering attacks on a scale, says Michal Tresner CEO of ThreatMark, and continues: ThreatMark AFS is built to significantly strengthen banks anti-fraud capabilities and optimize costs while providing a better and frictionless user experience. We believe being listed as in Forrester’s Now Tech EFM report is yet another testament to us that our work is important and that our unique approach in fighting fraud is a great answer to the most pressing challenges of today.

At ThreatMark, we make sure that the entire digital journey (onboarding, authentication, account management, transactions…) is trusted and safe for both end-users and businesses. 

Major banks use ThreatMark’s deep behavioral profiling engine to analyze vast numbers of user-specific data & behavioral traits to precisely identify legitimate users and deny fraudsters in real-time. For banks and their users, ThreatMark enables seamless digital experience that does not require additional authentication nor rely on simple transaction monitoring.

Forrester clients can read the report here—also available for purchase: Now Tech: Enterprise Fraud Management, Q1 2021

This post was first first published on TM News – ThreatMark’s website by Nikola Kozuljevic. You can view it by clicking here