VMware Carbon Black Cloud™ Awarded Cyber Catalyst Designation

VMware Carbon Black Cloud has been awarded a Cyber CatalystSM designation for its cloud native endpoint and workload protection platforms, which helps more than 20,000 organizations worldwide detect and stop emerging attacks. The designation is part of the annual Cyber Catalyst by Marsh℠ program, which convenes leading cyber insurers to evaluate cybersecurity solutions and award the Cyber Catalyst designation to those they believe can have a meaningful impact on cyber risk.

Cybercrime is big business. In fact, 90 percent of security professionals have reported facing an increased volume of attacks, due in part to the rapid workforce shifts leaving organizations more vulnerable to security breaches, according to VMware Carbon Black 2020 Global Threat Report.

“The overnight digital transformation has accelerated the critical need for organizations to protect their endpoints and evolving workloads from cyberattacks,” said Brendan Hogan, Senior Director, Business Development, VMware Carbon Black. “Today’s complex threat landscape requires an intrinsic approach to security that goes beyond what legacy antivirus products deliver to effectively secure endpoints and technology infrastructure.”

Why VMware Carbon Black Cloud?

The 2020 Cyber Catalyst program sought out solutions that address the top five cyber risks identified by participating insurers: ransomware, supply chain/vendor management, cloud migration/management, social engineering, and privacy regulation/data management. VMware Carbon Black Cloud specifically targets ransomware but also has wider utility and applicability in addressing other types of cyber risk. Cyber Catalyst participating insurers rated VMware Carbon Black Cloud highest on the criteria of reduction of cyber risk and efficiency. Here’s what insurers had to say:

“The key value is the live response tool which allows users to recover artifacts or delete malware in real time. The live query function to search for a wide variety of suspicious indicators is extremely valuable. The function is important for incident responders.”

“This product stands well in the field of next-gen endpoint protection offerings. A well-established endpoint capability that would provide valuable insight into the endpoint estate or an organization as well as high grade protection for ransomware attacks being effectively executed.”

“Easy to use interface delivers important information in a digestible format, allowing for a more efficient response to various attacks.”

“The Cyber Catalyst designation signals that leading insurers believe VMware Carbon Black Cloud can help reduce cyber risk, and strongly merits consideration by organizations who seek solutions that yield meaningful improvements in cyber risk outcomes,” said Thomas Reagan, Marsh Cyber Practice Leader, US and Canada. The latest class of Cyber Catalyst solutions target the five most significant cyber risks identified by cyber insurers and, together with the 2019 designees, comprise a roster of more than 30 cybersecurity products insurers believe can be highly effective against cyber threats.”

We’re proud of this achievement as it reflects our deep commitment to keeping the world safe from cyberattacks. This recognition will not only help provide guidance for organizations seeking cybersecurity solutions but also those that adopt Cyber Catalyst-designated solutions may be considered for enhanced terms and conditions on individually negotiated cyber insurance policies with participating insurers.

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