THREATQUOTIENT WEBINAR: Empower the human element with Cyber Threat Intelligence

The most important asset in your organization is your human resource, who will run the investigation, analyse the data and take actions on it.
Therefore it is important to make them as efficient as possible, and it is exactly where a Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) can help.
Join ThreatQuotient and Real Security on 11th of February at 10AM (CET) for an interactive demo addressing Sunburst’s use case.
From this demo you will learn:
  • The importance of Threat Intelligence (TI) management
  • How can you optimize your incident response
  • How can you give threat hunters an additional advantage
Markus Auer, CTI Advisor and Regional Manager CEE at ThreatQuotient
Falk Schwendike, Threat Intelligence Engineer at ThreatQuotient

Register on the link below to visit our webinar.