The New Cofense Resource Center

Today, Cofense officially launched its new Resource CenterFormerly known as Community, the new Resource Center features a completely redesigned interface, smarter search capabilities and integrated support ticketing  

By Carolyn Merritt 

Also, we organized the new Resource Center by product to make it easier to search and navigate to your desired results. Another exciting new feature is the customer ticket portal which allows you to access all your tickets, sort by key words, and ticket status. You can link to events, webinars, other resources, and assets on the Cofense website as well. The Resource Center is a central location for frequently asked questions, product details, policies, and more to help you be more proactive in your phishing detection and response efforts. As an added value, you have access to a discussion board where you can submit and vote on future product features and capabilities.  

This initiative has been in the works for some time. We heard from internal and external users alike that the old Community was difficult to navigate, and that information was challenging to locate. We believe those issues have been solved with our new interface, an integration with our Zendesk ticketing system, and a new set of capabilities designed to improve the user experience. 

Why did we do this? 

One noteworthy change is to our Knowledge Base articles. They have all been incorporated into a library so you can easily access them. Additionally, our technical support engineers can easily insert knowledge base articles into tickets for added reference. In the near future, we’ll be adding a support bot that will promote associated knowledge base articles to support tickets at the time of creation, in hopes of providing quick answers and reference materials before or instead of you having to engage with a support engineer.    

To see the new Resource Center with all of its new features and functionality, login:

We want to engage with you – our customers – in the best way possible when you need help or have feedback. We saw the opportunity to improve the old Community system, its search functions and Zendesk integration. Your feedback is still very important to us, and we want to know what works in the new Resource Center, and if anything doesn’t.

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We are very proud of the new Resource Center and look forward to supporting all of our users and ultimately helping your organization improve your phishing detection and response programs.

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