Roundtable: Evolution of Trust. Get ready for PKI 2.0

In the digital era, PKI is one of the most effective technologies for authentication of users and devices that is used by worldwide companies for decades already. However, the PKI evolution does not keep pace with the growing needs of customers’ since legacy software and hardware are unable to address the newest challenges. And here the questions arise: what does the PKI future look like and what are the existing PKI trends? 

To find answers to these questions, we invite you to the online roundtable discussion dedicated to the PKI evolution and its role in the modern world of cybersecurity. During the roundtable four experts will share their insights, discuss the hot-topic PKI trends along with the most challenging customer requests and their impact on the PKI future. The experts are from the world-leading companies which represent different parts of the PKI system: 

  • Indeed Identity as a card management system (CMS) vendor
  • сryptovision as a Certification Authority provider
  • Span as a system integrator
  • and Feitian Technologies as a hardware representative

This event is designed to expand your knowledge about PKI and to answer the painful questions you are interested in. You can also get a real-life consultation from each of the foregoing experts.

Click the button below for more detailed information about the participants, agenda and timeline of the roundtable. Tickets are free-of-charge.

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