INSPIRE 20 Podcast: Putri Realita, Danone

Today, we are sharing one last excellent INSPIRE 20 podcast before our team takes a well-deserved holiday break – and we hope you enjoy the same! We will be back with more exciting INSPIRE 20 podcasts starting January 11th.

mmm Danone

As we all head into our break, I’m thrilled to share today’s podcast with Putri Realita, who leads the inclusion and diversity (or ID, as I’ll explain later) program at Danone, a world leading food and beverage company with over 100,000 employees. Today, Putri shares with us how she built her role and strategy for the company from scratch (!!), some of the projects she has implemented at Danone, and how she is helping the company to plan for the next 10 years.

ID Please?

Putri, like many of our leaders in this podcast series, feels that it is crucial to embed inclusion and diversity into the overall company’s goals and strategy – and I couldn’t agree more! At Danone, they refer to it as Inclusion Diversity, or ID, as it should be a part of the company’s identity. She has also set up a program called “One Planet. One Health”, which reflects on the idea that the health of people and the health of the planet are interconnected, another piece of Danone’s identity, both internally and externally.

Putri comes from a diverse background herself, which helped her as she implemented this ID program at Danone – Putri herself is Indonesian, her husband is German, and she has lived in Australia, Malaysia, and now France over the years. These experiences helped as she built up the Danone ID program, creating initiatives within the company such as “One Person, One Voice, One Share”, which gives employees the power to share their voice and have an impact on the company’s decisions. This program has allowed the company to ensure equal opportunities within the company, and allows employees to truly experience inclusivity.

A brighter future

The ID team, led by Putri, have taken planning ahead to the next level, and have set 9 goals for 2030. These goals were created to address the current health programs around adopting healthier, more sustainable eating and drinking habits. These actions, along with the many programs and initiatives the ID team has created at Danone, are supported across the company by the 300 “champions”, who represent different functions and regions within the company to share their passion for ID initiatives with their teams, acting as a liaison between the ID team and the company and community.

Thank you to Putri for sharing her outstanding passion and strategies with us on our INSPIRE 20 podcast. Be sure to listen today on Apple, Spotify, or Soundcloud, or check out TechBeacon for additional information on our INSPIRE 20 series. Happy holidays to you all!

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