Egregor ransomware: white paper & webinar

Regardless of how big or protected your company may be, ransomware remains a very real threat. Egregor, a ransomware family that appeared just in September, has hit nearly 70 lucrative targets across major sectors like manufacturing and retail, including the massive US bookseller Barnes & Noble. With ransom demands upwards of $4 million and extortion tactics reminiscent of the recently disbanded Maze gang, Egregor has become a threat that is hard to ignore.

Even more worrying is the fact that Qakbot, a major tool in enterprise ransomware operations, has now put Egregor in its arsenal.

Learn more by downloading “Egregor ransomware: The legacy of Maze lives on,” written by three of Group-IB’s top DFIR specialists: Oleg Skulkin, Roman Rezvukin, and Semyon Rogachev.


But how has the group become so successful within such a short period of time? What are the forces behind Egregor? Find out this and more during Group-IB’s webinar “Meet Egregor ransomware, the new face of Maze” on December 17 at 11:00 (GMT +3)!

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