2020 Checkmarx Partner Awards – APJ, EMEA & LATAM

2020 has been a year like no other and it has certainly demonstrated just how creative, determined, and committed our partners are as they have worked to support customers who are undergoing huge challenges while confronting increasing pressure to digitally transform their business at an unprecedented rate.

Every year at Checkmarx, we recognize and award our business partners who have gone above and beyond to help their customers overcome their software security and business challenges. awards reflect our deep appreciation of the vital role our partners play in Checkmarx’s success, and more importantly, the enormous value they create for our customers.

A key focus of the events was ensuring that our partners understand the valuable role they play and how much we appreciate the way they employ their talents and commercial skills to build awareness and adoption of Checkmarx solutions. With EMEA and APAC being 100% channel-focused regions for Checkmarx, we count on our partners to not only help us scale and grow, but also to be our eyes and ears on the ground. Our partners help us support our customers by identifying the unique challenges they face in the different regions and business environments. They also champion the DevSecOps community and deliver vital technical support in local territories and languages, so that whatever the issue, there is a local Checkmarx-trained professional available to help.

Unlike the face-to-face events of previous years, we adapted to the situation and this month hosted two Virtual Partner Summits. Our Asia-Pacific and Japan event saw more than 40 different partners join us from ten countries, while the Europe and Latin America event was attended by 57 partners from across those regions. It was a genuine testament to the strong engagement of the Checkmarx partner community as demonstrated by the large number of partners who made time to join us this year.

To show our gratitude, we made sure the virtual events were fun and interactive. In APAC we partnered with Golan Heights Winery for a virtual wine tasting session, and to send a taste of Israel to all our remote partners who could not travel this year. In EMEA & LATAM we created the concept of a “Mystery Box” and challenged our partners to unlock it on their own, then join our session to discover the secret code to unlock its mysteries, which turned out to be an award-winning bottle of wine and a premium wine kit.

Congratulations to all the winners listed below—very well deserved!

During the events, we held an awards ceremony to recognize the support and close collaboration achieved by leading Checkmarx partners across EMEA and APAC. This year’s winners were selected from more than 200 partners based upon their collaboration with Checkmarx and our customers, the high standards of technology and support they offer, and their overall commitment to increase awareness and provide solutions that directly address secure software development and digital transformation. All of our partners have reached very high achievements in this most-unusual year, and this year’s winners have exceeded all expectations.

  • Innovation Partner Award – Galaxy Software Services Corporation (GSS) (Taiwan)
    • GSS is a longstanding Checkmarx partner with outstanding technical capabilities, innovative marketing ideas, and has successfully adapted to the fast-changing environment of 2020.
    • https://www.gss.com.tw/checkmarx
  • Outstanding Partner Achievement Award: Best Sales Performance – Binqsoft (China)
    • Binqsoft has excelled in the APAC region by supporting sales, representing Checkmarx in China, and keeping us current with the demands of customers in the region.
    • http://www.binqsoft.com/
  • Outstanding Partner Achievement Award: Best Sales Growth – Hancom Intelligence (Korea)
    • Hancom Intelligence has achieved double-digit growth in a single year and has dramatically accelerated Checkmarx presence in Korea.
    • https://www.hancomit.com/index
  • Best Customer Retention Award – Toyo Corporation (Japan)
    • Toyo Corporation has demonstrated that happy customers are loyal customers. This partner has maintained the highest customer retention rate over its five-year partnership with Checkmarx.
    • http://www.toyo.co.jp/english/
  • Best Marketing Award – Datastream (Mexico)
  • Innovation Partner Award – Endpoint Labs (Turkey)
    • Endpoint Labs continues to turn its long-term association with Checkmarx into new initiatives, creating many innovative, out-of-the-box solutions to benefit customers.
    • https://endpoint-labs.com/
  • Outstanding Achievement – Openminded (France)
    • Openminded is leading the charge in Europe and its commitment to both sales and technical excellence is paying off with high-value deals, including one of the largest, wholly partner-led customer win.
    • https://www.opmd.fr/en/
  • Outstanding Achievement – Nova8 (Brazil)
    • Nova8 has lived up to its name and achieved the most new-business over the past year, regularly bringing on board new customers and solving their challenges.
    • https://www.nova8.com.br/en/home/
  • Overall Performance Award – Cert2Connect BV (NL)
    • Cert2Connect BV has performed well and increased its partnership with Checkmarx. This has translated into strong sales figures and an exceptional foundation for growth that we look forward to seeing them achieve in the coming year.
    • https://www.cert2connect.com/

To accelerate the speed of your organization’s journey and improve the chances of rapid success, we recommend looking for partners like our winning partners above. These partners have demonstrated their high-level expertise and technical talent, as well as their commitment to outstanding customer service and a deep understanding of the common challenges that organizations face. We recommend finding a Checkmarx partner with experience in your sector who can provide the expertise needed to help you successfully meet your goals.

For organizations on their own journey of digital transformation, finding the right partner is essential to ensure you can transform rapidly, without compromising on quality, security, or reliability.

Zack brings 10+ years of marketing and sales experience to his role as Channel Marketing Manager at Checkmarx. He has a demonstrated history of providing excellent oversight and support to the channel partner community specifically in the software security industry throughout Europe and Asia Pacific. Zack is a strong marketing professional who delivers value-added knowledge in learning management, training program creation and delivery, content creation, pre-sales support, and technical writing.

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