The Popular vSEC:TOOL K-Series is Now Available in the Microsoft Store

Now available in the Microsoft Store, vSEC:TOOL K-Series Helps Users Evaluate PKI credential rollout plans.

Apple started their App Store 12 years ago, and today platform specific application stores have become the standard for most platforms and applications. It started with mobile consumer apps, and now includes enterprise applications on enterprise platforms such as Microsoft Windows. Versasec is pleased to launch its first applications in the Microsoft Store – the popular and free vSEC:TOOL K-Series. The K-Series is the PKI and smart card experts’ favorite tool. It provides a hassle-free option to evaluate your PKI credential rollout plan. Here is a direct link to it in the Microsoft Store:

PC users can also find the vSEC:TOOL K-Series directly in the Microsoft Store application or search for it using the Microsoft Store ID: 9N29T4408BZW.

Distributing software using the Microsoft Store has many advantages:

  • Security: All applications are scanned and signed before entering the store
  • Security: The sandbox provides peace of mind
  • Ratings: The store provides reviews and ratings
  • Standard: Makes it easy to find applications for the platform
  • Auto-update: You can set auto-update directly from the store
  • Secure mode: Enables use of the secure Windows 10 S-Mode
  • Enterprise: Enables deployment using Intune and Microsoft Store for Business

More details about the MSIX technology used for the Microsoft Store can be found here:

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