What Truebill and Other Financial Apps Have in Common With EDR

Then I got to thinking about these new apps that I can’t imagine why anyone would need to use – UNTIL I decided to try one….and then I discovered I too had been compromised by subscriptions and fees I had no idea I was being charged for.  This led me to think about my false sense of security and how I felt I was protected because I checked my account and tracked what came in and out.  I use my debit card a lot, I use it constantly for purchases and have it attached to Apple Pay, Pay Pal and you name it, it is linked.

Truebill, Chargebee, Fusebill and other financial apps have been inundating my social feeds and until recently I didn’t understand why I would need one of these apps. I’m the type that knows her bank account  balance to the penny and I was shocked to discover that many of my co-workers and, of course, my college kid had no idea their balance was low until they tried to use their debit card and got declined. What also surprises me is how many people don’t know what is coming out of their bank account.  I may not realize precisely how much my Starbucks addiction costs but I’m in security and I need my caffeine!  Keeping up with the latest ways cyber criminals can infiltrate an organization or sneak past endpoint solution takes a lot of energy.

Enter EDR

And that’s where EDR comes in – because EDR is designed to monitor what is happening on your endpoint devices, to track and trace activity, consolidate it and identify potential risks – the really good EDR solutions will also group related items into threads to speed up investigations, prioritize which groups should be examined first and even automate some of the investigation processes.

So why am I bringing this up? Well, in your job you might have responsibility for corporate security…and you might be feeling pretty comfortable that you have everything under control, a bit like I did with my finances – but you don’t know what you don’t know. It’s all well and good (and indeed highly advisable) having an endpoint protection product in place but is it possible that this is giving you a feeling of security beyond the true situation? Could there be sneaky activity happening at a really low level that is getting past those solutions? I didn’t think so, until I installed the app and I discovered exactly what I didn’t know.


That’s what security analysts are loving about MVISION EDR. MVISION EDR helps find what is hidden and lifts it to the surface where it can be examined and then either allowed or blocked. But unlike my bank account, we’re not talking about 5 or 10 things you may not have been aware of, we’re talking about potentially tens of thousands each and every day. And that’s the other thing they love about MVISION EDR – not only does it make identifying these potential risks easier to identify, but it groups them together into a much smaller number of potential incidents, prioritizes those incidents so they know which ones to investigate first and even uses AI to guide those investigations and make suggestions as to how they can reach a resolution quickly and accurately. What’s not to love?

The Importance of Automation

And don’t overlook the importance of that automation – when I was looking at my finances if the app I tried had simply overwhelmed me with massive amounts of information (some of which I knew, some of which was a surprise, all of which was mixed up together), I’d have likely looked once, and decided that I was right all along…everything was probably under control, and the effort involved in digging deeper was likely to be greater than any return I might have got back. But, it was automated, it consolidated the information, it simplified things…and ultimately it showed me exactly what I needed to know with minimal effort on my part. The net effect of that was a positive result. EDR is the same – I’ve spoken with customers who have tried it and simply given up because it’s proven to be too complicated. It can feel easier not to find out what you don’t know – but it won’t be as secure!

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