Checkmarx Solutions Now Available for Purchase on AWS Marketplace

In case you’re unfamiliar, AWS Marketplace is a curated, digital catalogue that helps customers around the globe find, buy, and use third-party software and services that run on AWS.

Checkmarx is excited to announce that our solutions are now available for purchase via AWS Marketplace! With this, organizations can easily procure and deploy Checkmarx application security testing products – CxSAST, CxIAST, CxSCA, and CxCodebashing – into their AWS CI/CD pipelines to ensure security and compliance across all applications running in the AWS cloud environment.

CxCodebashing, our developer application security training solution can be purchased both via Marketplace Private Offer and our public listing.

To purchase Checkmarx products via the Marketplace Private Offer, organizations can engage with a Checkmarx salesperson and receive product and pricing information not publicly visible on the Public Offer Marketplace. To purchase, all we need is the organization’s AWS Account Number to create a personalized quote. From there, acceptance, purchase, and deployment are just a few clicks away!

  • Simplified billing: Transacting over AWS Marketplace accelerates the closing and procurement processes. All billing is handled directly on customers’ AWS invoices as a line item, helping to avoid procurement steps that typically accompany purchasing software from a new vendor.
  • Retire EDP commitments: AWS’s Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) is AWS’ way to provide enterprises a discount based on a volume (consumption) purchase commitment. A simple example of how an AWS EDP might work is as follows: for the next three years, the customer would commit to spending $5MM on AWS services, and in exchange, receive a 13% discount. Even if the customer doesn’t spend $5MM, they would still owe AWS $5MM. For customers participating in the EDP program, purchasing Checkmarx over AWS Marketplace is an attractive proposition. For every dollar spent on Checkmarx, 50% of the purchase can be applied to their AWS spending obligations.
  • Purchase in a time of limited budgets: Reduced budgets amidst current economic uncertainties can make it challenging to purchase solutions that address the ever-present cybersecurity and application security threat landscape. The ability to purchase Checkmarx using pre-allocated AWS budgets provides security departments the ability to acquire our best-in-class software security solutions that might otherwise have been stalled due to temporary budget constraints.
  • Custom terms & pricing: Checkmarx can support custom terms, where applicable, and offers flexible options like multi-year contracts.

Checkmarx enables organizations to easily automate application security testing as part of their cloud-based software development process so they can improve the security and quality of their software without slowing down development, delivery, and deployment timelines. Checkmarx integrates with leading source code management tools like GitHub and GitLab to enable seamless code scanning within developers’ typical workflows.

The benefits of purchasing Checkmarx solutions through AWS Marketplace include:

  • Ability to scan raw source code before a build takes place, enabling greater efficiency between developers and AppSec teams;
  • Prioritized SAST and SCA scan results to focus and expedite developer remediation efforts on vulnerabilities that pose the greatest threat;
  • Automated results feedback loop to eliminate the need for manual intervention when opening and closing defects;
  • Direct links into the Checkmarx Software Security Platform and access to its dedicated service and support resources for even more comprehensive results and coverage; and
  • Links to just-in-time, lesson-specific training via Checkmarx Codebashing and online resources for remediation guidance to elevate developers’ secure coding skills.

What else sets us apart as an AWS partner?

Key features and benefits enjoyed by both developers and security teams include:

Checkmarx provides integrated support for AWS CodeStar services, allowing customers to initiate Checkmarx application security testing scans from AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodePipeline for code that is stored in CodeCommit. Additionally, we have integrations with the industry’s top source control repositories, CI/CD pipelines, defect tracking, and feedback channels. With our CLI & REST APIs, we can integrate into virtually any other tool with ease.

Robust DevOps Integrations:

Checkmarx is an AWS Advanced Program Network (APN) partner, AWS’ highest-tier technology partner. Additionally, Checkmarx is the first and only AppSec solutions vendor to possess both the AWS Security Competency and DevOps Competency status. The competency process involves AWS vetting, validating, and verifying Checkmarx’s deep industry experience, expertise, and track record of customer success and delivering specialized software.

Trusted and Backed by AWS:

Checkmarx has been named a “Leader” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing for three consecutive years, a testament to the quality of our solutions and value they bring to customers. We have also been recognized with the Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Application Security Testing for two years running due to our overall product capabilities, seamless integration into DevOps, and expert customer service.

Industry Leader Amongst Analysts and Customers:

“If your company’s developer workforce is not used to incorporating security standards into their builds, the Checkmarx stack of tools will do wonders for you in terms of integrating into your existing pipelines and providing the education via Codebashing that your developers will need.” Application System Analyst, Finance Industry [read full review]

Checkmarx is proud to work with over 1,400 customers across the globe – ranging from Salesforce to Samsung – helping to improve the security and quality of the software they build. Just take it from one of our valued customers:

Gideon brings 20+ years’ experience in business development, sales, and management to his role at Checkmarx. He also has extensive experience in technology and strategic alliances, go-to-market strategies, and mergers & acquisitions. He has a long history of filling executive management roles in enterprise software sales, direct sales, and key accounts management.

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