Why Privilege Management is at the Center of Modern Endpoint Security | BeyondTrust

3. Use Pragmatic Application Control & Block Malicious Code [Endpoint Privilege Management]

By layering modern application control on top of privilege management, critical functionality in the operating system can now be trusted, making application control easier, and greatly reducing the attack surface.

With application control you can control what applications a user can run regardless of privileges by defining good and bad applications. After all, not all malware needs admin rights. Application control improves security, compliance, and licensing management.

4. Endpoint Detection & Response – to continuously monitor for harmful activity

Now that you have successfully removed excessive admin rights and implemented and application control, it’s time to consider Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR).

EDR is designed to help organizations identify and react to threats that have bypassed their other defenses. These solutions run locally on user workstations or servers to monitor processes, applications, logged in users. EDR determines if malicious activity is present on the system.

Using EDR atop a foundation secured by endpoint privilege management allows EDR tools to focus on a smaller amount of endpoint data. This reduces EDR system noise and improves clarity and performance.

5. Other Security Tools

Endpoint security solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Depending on your industry, compliance mandates, and systems, there are dozens of other endpoint security tools that should be considered. It’s imperative that organizations review specific use cases based on their unique needs.

How BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management Provides Preventative Risk Reduction

BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Windows & Mac is a preventative Endpoint Security solution that removes excessive admin rights, applies modern application control, enables passwordless administration, and gives users just enough privileges to do their jobs and be productive. The solution blocks the majority of malware and ransomware, and protects against both external and internal threats. Utilizing QuickStart policies, organizations receive rapid time-to-value whether deploying the solution on-premises or via SaaS.

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