Product Release 3.27 – Improved Bot detection, introduction to async large batch payments scoring, and the new ThreatMark AFS Panel

There’s been a lot of great work done by our team that just gets confined to our own company.

Until now, we haven’t communicated out product releases and improvements to a broader audience. This blog post is our first attempt to present our work and progress in building advanced technological solutions that bring trust to the digital world.

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This release introduces several significant changes and various quality and stability fixes. With the latest ThreatMark (3.27), our users will benefit from: improved bot detection, new payment API attributes, batch payments scoring, and brand new ThreatMark AFS panel.

Improved Bot Detection

We’re working hard on keeping up with the malicious actors and fraudsters tools. Our multi-channel, real-time threat detection monitoring has been expanded in this new release.

Onward, ThreatMark will be equipped with powerful automated browsers detection. Now ThreatMark will be able to recognize more automation engines, such is Selenium for example.

New Payment API Attributes

We increased the attributes scope for new payments. This release expands the payment API to support new categories of payments: repeated payments, payments to trusted beneficiaries and payments where the Strong Customer Authentication method was activated.

This expansion will enable our users to understand their own end users and their payment habits in greater details. Additionally, it’s poised to further reduce number of false positives in transaction monitoring and serves to introduce PSD2 exemptions.

Async Large Batch Payments Scoring

We’ve expanded our payment monitoring capabilities to include large batch payments.

In ThreatMark 3.27, scoring enormous amounts of payments is significantly efficient with the introduction of a new asynchronous API. It is now possible to create batches of tens, to hundreds of thousands of payments and get scoring results for all of them; in a guaranteed time.

There is also a brand-new batch payment interface in the panel. You can now visualize and filter a table of all payment batches with the information on current processing status.

Which brings us to…

New ThreatMark AFS Panel

 The latest release of ThreatMark now includes a brand new, modern, sleeker AFS panel with notably improved user experience and functionality.

Beyond new panels (batch payment scoring) key improvements include:

  • interactive help pages with animated images,
  • new dashboard which include more graphs,
  • statistics and provide more insights,
  • enhanced tables with expanded data and filtering experience,
  • improved payment interface with anomalies resolution graphs,
  • and enhanced rule engine screen which now also include help messages with invalid rule definition.

Here’s a sneak peek into the new ThreatMark AFS Panel:

And that wraps up our latest ThreatMark 3.27 release highlights.

If you wish to learn more about the latest ThreatMark release and how it can help your bank become trusted and secured please reach out to us, here.

Martin Osovský
Martin Osovský  

Product Owner

With more than 15 years in Product Development and experience with enterprise Customers, Martin makes sure that ThreatMark and the Product Roadmap meet the customers’ expectations, deliver value and stay true to the vision.

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