Mandiant Executive Intelligence Briefing: Election Security Edition

With less than a month before the U.S. elections on Nov. 3, the race is on to protect the democratic process. Mandiant Threat Intelligence is tracking the threats that matter to this election, leveraging our global collection and deep experience analyzing this problem.

The answers are as nuanced and complex as the issue itself, but the Mandiant Threat Intelligence team will share the context necessary to help make sense of this problem at our upcoming Mandiant Executive Intelligence Briefing: Election Security Edition.

Our weekly briefings inform executives of recent developments by pairing information with analysis and insight from our frontline intelligence experts. The threat landscape changes by the hour, and the weekly Executive Intelligence Briefings are one of the unique ways we deliver deep insights to our customers on a regular basis.

Attend a Complimentary Election Intelligence Briefing

Election security is such an important topic that we’re opening up this election security briefing to everyone on Oct. 13. Here is a brief summary of what I plan to present during the complimentary briefing:

  • Insight into the strategy of election threats with an eye towards late-game threats and activity with effects that outlast the election.
  • A review of pertinent threat actors and operations such as Sandworm, APT28, and Operation Ghostwriter.
  • Historic perspective based on the extensive experience of FireEye Mandiant.

Register for the briefing today, and also remember to visit FireEye’s Election Security page for the latest on election security-focused news and analysis from Mandiant. I hope you’ll join us on Oct. 13 for this important election security update, and if you are in the U.S. like I am, make sure your voice is heard by voting on or before Nov. 3.

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