Introducing Mandiant Advantage: Threat Intelligence — Know the Threats That Matter Most To You

When it comes to cyber security, many organizations remain reactive. Cyber security becomes a top priority only when a breach occurs, or critical threat risks are discovered during an audit. This approach also means that organizations are not prepared when new attack campaigns emerge or when adversaries suddenly change their attack strategy.

Today, with the release of Mandiant Advantage: Threat Intelligence, we are setting a new standard and changing how organizations are able to identify and confirm relevant cyber security threats. The new platform gives you access to comprehensive threat data and intelligence into current, past and possible future threat activity. 

Mandiant Advantage: Threat Intelligence reveals more data and atomic indicators from FireEye telemetry, Managed Defense operations, incident response teams, and Mandiant Intelligence than we have ever exposed. Upgraded features and functionality you will experience include:

  • Access to breach, adversary, operational and machine intelligence data as active threats emerge
  • Greater access and visibility across the threat landscape via open source and Mandiant threat data
  • Simplified user experience with easy to use and digest charts, graphs and report navigation
  • Ability to overlay Mandiant Intelligence on web-based interfaces through the new browser plug-in

As the first intelligence offering available on the Mandiant Advantage platform, only Mandiant Advantage: Threat Intelligence is able to inform organizations what threat actors are active, what tactics they use, what their motivations are, when they are operational, and which malware arsenal they deploy. The solution scales across all security stakeholders in the enterprise—from security planning to operations—helping them to better prepare, uncover and deflect attacks with their existing tools.

We are able to do this by giving organizations direct access to expert optimized breach intelligence data cultivated from multiple frontlines of cyber security—this includes more than 300 intelligence analysts and researchers in 26 countries and 200,000 hours responding to breaches by the Mandiant incident response team in the last year alone.

In a nutshell, our customers will know more about their adversaries than anyone else, and they will have access to a wide array of data as active threats emerge.

To help organizations protect their business-critical assets, we are also announcing new subscription pricing and simplified packaging aligned to address the most pressing security concerns of organizations of all sizes. More details can be found on our Mandiant Advantage page.

We are providing organizations with a new level of threat visibility so that they can be better prepared, understand which actors or tactics target their environment, validate their security effectiveness, and scale their cyber security controls to threats that matter to them now.

Head over to our page to learn more about Mandiant Advantage: Threat Intelligence and to register for free.

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