Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2020: Top Resources on “If You Connect it, Protect it”

Leaves are turning red and gold, the temperature is dropping, and the smell of pumpkin spice is filling the air.

It’s officially October! which also means it’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CAM 2020).

Now in its 17th year, Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an annual campaign that raises awareness on the importance of cybersecurity. The initiative seeks to empower and ensure that individuals and organizations have the right resources to stay safe and secure online. This year’s overarching theme is “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart,” with an emphasis on the key message: “If you connect it, protect it.”

Everyone needs to do their part amid the recent global health crisis. With an increase in cyberattacks on financial and healthcare organizations, it’s our individual responsibility to take proactive steps to raise awareness, implement stronger security practices, and educate vulnerable individuals and enterprises.

Here’s a list of top VMware Carbon Black resources that align with each CAM sub-themes to provide you a broad overview of the space, along with some best practices on how to stay safe and secure in October and throughout the year.

Securing devices at home and work

Our homes and businesses are now more virtually connected, and this trend is likely to continue. With many employees now working remotely, both work and home environments have collided and put a new set of vulnerabilities in place that users must be aware of.

1. The Future of Remote Work: Securing a Distributed Workforce

This eBook offers the essential guidance for Security and IT teams to adapt to remote work conditions, while ensuring that their data is protected against an increasingly alarming rate of cyber threats—both at work and home.

2. Tips for Securing Remote Work from Homes to Corporate Networks

In this blog post, our Cybersecurity Strategists, Tom Kellermann and Rick McElroy discuss the three main challenges to securing remote workers and share some insightful tips on how to secure remote work access from home to the corporate network.

3. Better Secure and Manage Endpoints in a Remote Work World 

With remote work becoming the “new normal” organizations are navigating this sudden shift to manage and secure their remote work environments. This blog describes VMware’s new solution to make this vision a reality.

4. Securing Your Organization from Threats for Dummies: Intrinsic Security Edition 

Intrinsic security is not a tool or product for your organization, but rather a different approach to securing your business. Our most recent Dummies Guide shows you how to shift from reactive security to a position of strength and unify your security and IT teams.

Securing devices in healthcare

The healthcare industry relies heavily on digitally connected devices for organizational efficiency, patient care, crisis response, and more. But the emergence of telemedicine, wellness apps has created vulnerabilities that cyberattackers are continuously trying to exploit.

1. Securing Distributed Healthcare Organizations 

Ransomware is hitting healthcare organizations at an all-time high, and the trend is likely to continue. In this on-demand webinar, gain insight on the operational challenges of securing and administering distributed healthcare workforces, and learn how to secure endpoint outside of the hospital to facilitate secure telehealth visits.

2. Ask the Howlers: Latest Threats and Security Challenges 

This blog highlights the main topics from the first three episodes of our Ask the Howlers, where our security experts discuss threats in healthcare organizations, the increase in malware attacks, remote access security challenges, and more.

3. VMware Carbon Black for Healthcare: A Deep Dive 

In this video, Chris Corde, VP of Security Product Management at VMware, provides a thorough explanation of the healthcare security field, as well as best practices for leveraging next-gen AV solutions to secure your environment.

4. Healthcare Sector: Safety and Soundness 

Healthcare organizations are a gold mine of personal data and continue to be targeted by cyberattackers. And with the increased adoption of medical devices, the attacks are increasing at an alarming rate. This Solution Brief addresses these challenges and helps navigate a workable solution.

The future of connected devices

How will new technological innovations impact organizations, users, and consumers’ online experiences? And how will the security infrastructure adapt to the ongoing evolution of connected devices?

1. Freedom, Flexibility, and Security: The Future of Remote Work 

Whether you treat remote workforce as temporary, optional, or a permanent solution for your business, you still need to have full control and visibility over increasing threats. This blog explains how a cloud-based platform and agent can ensure safety and security for your remote employees and SOC team members.

2. Blueprint for a Future Ready Workforce 

One of the biggest challenges in this “new normal” is managing a large population of distributed users while keeping them connected and secure. This white paper will help you gain insights on managing and securing your device fleet, integrating management and security with a Zero Trust approach, and more.

3. The Future of Security: Lessons from Black Hat USA 

This blog post highlights sessions from this year’s Black Hat USA virtual conference. It dives into describing how security teams can detect and respond to intrusions with the intrinsic security model.

4. Was Your Company Ready for COVID-19, and is it Prepared for Future Emergencies? 

In this white paper by Osterman Research, get insight on common trends, user behavior, and security challenges across different organizations and solutions to address data protection challenges. Also, learn best practices for building business resiliency against future crises.

Given the state of the world right now, it’s more important than ever to do your part by staying aware of current threats that continue to evolve. The more you know and understand, the safer you will be. But knowing is only half the battle — the rest involves implementing best security practices, as well as taking steps to educate vulnerable individuals and organizations.


Interested to learn more? Register today for our upcoming webinar titled “Future Ready Now: Securing Workloads” where Chris Corde, VP of Product Management at VMware will share insights on how to increase visibility across endpoints and workloads, what steps to take to simplify security and IT operations, and the benefits of “built-in” security and its impact on SOC.

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