Top Three Demos at VMworld 2020: Security, Threat Hunting, and Beyond

VMworld 2020 (Sept. 29- Oct. 1) is fast approaching. This year, and for the first time ever, VMworld will showcase a new intrinsic security track featuring 50+ sessions on the future of workspace and workload security. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on workshops, hunt for threats in a self-paced module, and chat with cybersecurity experts.

The VMware Carbon Black team has some exciting demos to showcase this year. The Demo Zone at VMworld is the main spot where security professionals can access in-depth demo videos of the latest VMware Cabron Black products.  Within the intrinsic security track of the Demo Zone, the Security Business Unit will feature six compelling demos.

Be sure to check out the following three must-see demos:

Securing Your Organization with Cloud-Native Endpoint Protection

Discover how endpoint protection can enhance your organization’s security. This demo showcases VMware Carbon Black’s cloud-native endpoint protection platform which consolidates security, using a single endpoint agent and console—allowing your security and IT teams to work more efficiently. Learn how to automate IT hygiene reporting and how to integrate with VMware Carbon Black Cloud open APIs to increase efficiency and response times.

Threat Hunting: Protecting Your Remote Workforce

VMware Carbon Black Cloud offers a converged set of security services to consolidate multiple endpoint security capabilities with a single lightweight sensor on endpoints, making it easy to add new capabilities whenever you need them. In this demo, gain insights on the unique challenges facing security teams as workforces shift to working remotely. Learn how to think like a Threat Hunter and find new threats to your organization, and how to execute a threat hunt with VMWare Carbon Black Cloud.

Intro to VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload

Learn how leveraging the unique power of vSphere can deliver agentless protection for workloads. Explore best practices for securing workloads with VMware Carbon Black Cloud and vSphere, including application change control, workload behavioral monitoring, and EDR, and vulnerability management to dramatically improve your data center’s security posture.

In addition to these demos in the Demo Zone, be sure to check out Cloud City for a high-level overview of all VMware’s cloud offerings as well as the 500+ sessions VMworld 2020 has to offer!

Register for VMworld 2020 here to see our intrinsic security solutions in action Sept. 29- Oct. 1.

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