The U.S. Secret Service Selects Tom Kellermann to Serve on Inaugural Cyber Investigations Advisory Board

Cybersecurity has become a recurring global news headline. From ransomware to data breaches, cyberattacks continue to be one of the biggest threats to both the private and public sectors. Earlier this year, the FBI reported a 400 percent increase in cybercrime1. And for the public sector, this is all compounded by the ripple effects of COVID-19, the upcoming presidential election, and more, making the U.S. government a prime target for malicious actors.

Today, the U.S. Secret Service announced the inaugural U.S. Cyber Investigations Advisory Board (CIAB), a newly created Federal Advisory Committee that will bring together the best minds in cybersecurity across industry, government, and academia to provide outside strategic direction to the Secret Service’s investigative mission.

The CIAB has selected Tom Kellermann, VMware Carbon Black Head of Cybersecurity Strategy, to serve as a Board Member as the committee prepares to develop strategies to disrupt the next generation of cybercrime conspiracies. Kellermann is an industry veteran and trusted advisor to VMware Carbon Black customers looking to gain insight on the latest security threats and threat actors to proactively stop attacks.

The goal of the CIAB is to help identify the latest trends in cybercrime, technology, law, and policy, and provide expert guidance to modernize training, tools, partnerships, and investigative priorities. There’s no doubt that crime has shifted to cyberspace – a change that calls for a transformation mandate and building new defenses. The stark reality is that cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and punitive2, as researched by VMware Carbon Black. To keep pace with the growing threats to American infrastructure, the CIAB will play a central role in thinking outside of the box to help direct resources and respond to the evolution of criminal threats.

“The dark web economy of scale is now the third-largest economy in the modern world,3” says Kellermann. “The level of sophistication and organization of these guilds of thieves requires a fundamental shift in public-private partnerships to develop strategies that disrupt and dismantle the infrastructure of these cybercrime syndicates. The CIAB will become foundational in that effort. I am honored to be a member and will work diligently to civilize cyberspace.”

The CIAB will extend the investigative of the Secret Service will continue into the digital realm, combating some of the 21st century’s most significant cyber-enabled financial crimes including identity and credit card theft, computer network intrusions, and complex frauds.

The world of cybersecurity is rapidly evolving, and so are the methods of cybercriminals. Modern cybersecurity is about keeping up with the attackers and remaining vigilant. It’s more critical than ever for governments to understand attacker behaviors to proactively and hunt for threats, without letting adversaries know they’ve been discovered. Kellermann will bring the VMware Carbon Black expertise to the CIAB, helping the committee secure the cyber future of the nation in this significant partnership.

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