The contradiction of post COVID-19 risk management

Security vs. usability is always a constant struggle for security teams. The rapid change to remote access during the pandemic has forced companies to revisit their risk management approach.

As the economy gradually emerges from the restrictions our communities underwent in attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19, I have been hearing about “post COVID-19 risk management.” And I can’t help but feel like this is a bit contradictory. Long before coronavirus, companies were faced with the question of whether to prioritize security or usability.

This pandemic forced businesses into new working environments that they didn’t expect in response to an unprecedented situation. Their security practices were either mature enough to handle a massive transition and adjustment, or they were behind. For this reason, we didn’t have pre COVID-19 risk management and now suddenly have post COVID-19 risk management. Many of the technological changes companies were forced to make in response to the pandemic are going to stick and mature. What we have is a new normal.

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