AirID2 – the world’s first smartcard reader with Bluetooth 5 support

AirID is future proof – Bluetooth 5 will enable new possibilities.


Düsseldorf, August, 10th, 2020 – certgate, one of the leading German IT security providers, announces the world’s first BluetoothLE 5 support for wireless smart card readers. BluetoothLE 5 is the new, future-oriented Bluetooth standard for faster data throughput, easier operation, secure connection and long battery life.

The AirID2 product family will support BLE version 5 in addition to the established, power-saving Bluetooth Low Energy versions 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2. This will ensure maximum compatibility with existing and new laptops, desktops, smartphones or tablets in the long term. The new Bluetooth 5 support has been made available today for the already existing AirID2 product family via software update only, without any hardware upgrade.

Current and future smartphones, tablets and computers will rely heavily on the new Bluetooth standard version 5. With the extended BLE5 support for AirID products, IT security infrastructures can now also benefit from the advantages of the new Bluetooth capabilities. In the future, there will be further areas of use and application possibilities, always with a special focus on optimal usability and security.

certgate has been investing and developing complex IT security technology in Germany for many years, as well as products and solutions with a high focus on easy handling and perfect usability throughout the professional sector. The new functional AirID2 Bluetooth 5 upgrade, provided only via software update, underlines certgate’s unique performance promise, especially with regards to its’s client investment protection.

The Bluetooth 5 Upgrade for AirID2 is available here – Just download and install the new Firmware.


certgate is one of the leading German IT security providers in the field of “Secure Workplace”, a long-standing member of the alliance “IT Security Made in Germany” and was awarded as one of the 10 best IT security companies in 2020.

The German Bundestag, the Office of the Federal President, most of the German federal ministries, many German authorities, globally leading companies, research institutions, as well as government security agencies protect their data and infrastructures with patented certgate products at home and abroad.

The uniquely user-friendly certgate products and solutions are approved up to “classified” data classification and marketed worldwide through partners. Every day, they provide real protection against hackers, mobile data leakage and unauthorized access for thousands of users everywhere – even by government organizations.

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