What is a Network Packet Broker?

Network visibility is a necessity in today’s digital era. More enterprises are integrating network monitoring solution in their IT infrastructure. And of course, every company has different requirements for their monitoring solutions. This poses some significant challenges for Network Engineers to keep managing and securing this dynamic environment. How do you ensure you get the visibility needed to manage your network performance? Well, each of these tools require actionable data that they are designed to process. This data enables you to gain the visibility necessary to maintain your network performance.

Network bandwidth requirements are on the rise

There’s also other challenge enterprises must embrace, the network bandwidth. The need for 100G is rapidly ramping up. Is your infrastructure ready for the transition from 10G to 40G or 100G Ethernet? Yes, you could deploy more tools or increase the number of links to monitor your traffic. But it can be problematic and simply not practical. This will also increase your operational complexity and not cost-effective.