Lending Privilege – how can we do more to lift one another up and create a more inclusive workplace?

The story continues

Our INSPIRE podcast journey just keeps on getting better. Hot on the heels of our podcast with June Manley, founder of F4, I am super excited to introduce podcast number four in our INSPIRE series with Anjuan Simmons. Anjuan has been in the enterprise software space for over 20 years, and is currently an engineering coach at Help Scout. In addition to his day job so to speak, Anjuan is also keynote speaker at many tech conferences, and holds seminars at schools and community centers around the world on a variety of topics, including diversity and inclusion and his journey as a leader in tech.

In this podcast Anjuan shares his stories from the world of tech and how his journey as an advocate for inclusion and diversity began through to present day. Anjuan applied some of his engineering thinking on how to create clarity from chaos and applied it to the topic of inclusion and diversity, and so began his thought leadership on lending privilege.

What is lending privilege?

“Lending privilege means taking your privilege and doing something with it in a helpful and sympathetic way”, Simmons describes in the podcast. He feels that lending privilege is a way to bring inclusion into the workplace through three different types: credibility lending, access lending, and expertise lending, and that employees can utilize these three types of lending privilege to lift one another up and truly create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

So, if you want some practical examples on how to lend privilege and how to think about the differences between inclusion, diversity and belonging in your team and organization tune in to INSPIRE podcast #4 and hear more from Anjuan.

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