9.0 Release for the Network Security Product Portfolio

FireEye is excited to announce the release of version 9.0 for our Network Security product portfolio that includes Network Security (NX), Central Manager (CM), Malware Analysis (AX), File Protect (FX) and SmartGrid (VX). This release includes 40+ customer requested features such as renewal of our Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) and Common Criteria (CC) certifications, enhancements in our protection capabilities, cloud readiness, and management improvements. These features are all driven by our enterprise customers to secure renewals and win new business, including expansion into the cloud. The following are just a few examples of how we are addressing the needs of our largest customers while also providing better cloud native capabilities in our products.


Previous product certifications expire in 2020 and we will recertify with this 9.0 release. This is required by our federal customers, many other large government agencies and contractors, and several international governments.

Cloud Readiness

We continue to drive our innovation in the public cloud market. In 9.0, we announce support for Microsoft Azure and add Bring Your Own License (BYOL) options to Azure and AWS. 

  • vNX & vCM on Azure & Hyper-V: We have extended our public cloud Network Security portfolio to Microsoft Azure. Additionally, private cloud support will be extended to also cover Microsoft Hyper-V [Virtual NX already supports AWS, VMWare (ESX) and KVM]. More than a dozen customers have shown interest in vNX in Azure and Hyper-V that can lead to expansion and new business opportunities in the second half of 2020.
  • Azure and AWS BYOL: Today, we support a paid listing in AWS Marketplace. A BYOL listing offers a different route to market that allows enterprise customers to use their traditional and subscription-based licenses to deploy with AWS instances.

Detection and Protection Improvements

In 9.0, we are adding a number of detection and protection improvements such as outbound scanning, TLS 1.3 inspection capabilities with the SSLi feature, and ICAP blocking. Outbound scanning allows customers to scan file uploads to O365 using NX. TLS 1.3 is an emerging standard for encryption and today’s industry estimates place its adoption at 20% to 25%. ICAP blocking expands our footprint within on-premise deployments with proxies in place. We already have a number of partners actively testing ICAP blocking with us.

Management and Reporting

Finally, many improvements were made to our management and reporting capabilities in 9.0. Enterprise class IPS management and IPS policy synchronization was a requested feature that we have included, and several reporting enhancements were also added. The ability to create custom UI dashboards allows for easier organization and viewing of the relevant alerts, events and trends. In addition, the ability to map alerts to MITRE ATT&CK categories and integrate with Active Directory provides a richer context to alerts and allows for easier triaging. We are also now able to provide User/Active Directory hostname mapping.

As evident from this announcement, we are continuing to innovate in the Network Security portfolio by raising the bar in detection leadership while enabling customers to expand their deployments into public and private clouds. We are also offering full attack lifecycle network protection ranging from protecting endpoints and servers to detecting lateral movement and data exfiltration.

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