IDC Issues Commentary on Micro Focus and Smart Digital Transformation

Analysts from tier-one industry analyst firm, IDC, were invited to Micro Focus Universe last month to learn more about the company and our vision, hear from our product experts, interact with many of our 40,000 customers, and participate in an analyst-only briefing with senior executives.  The firm recently published a commentary on all of these topics, which can be accessed here.



Some highlights from this commentary include:

Positive Corporate Momentum

The IDC Link talks about Micro Focus’ history and evolution, and notes that while there is still work to be done, the company has taken needed steps to restructure the organization, conduct portfolio alignment, hire talent, and reinvest in sales and marketing capabilities.”

Effective Go-to-Market Framework

The IDC Link talks about Micro Focus’ recent efforts to streamline how we bring our 300+ products to market, stating: the marketing direction and solution focus with a synergistic structure of four related areas — enterprise DevOps (and modernization); hybrid IT management; security, risk & governance; and predictive analytics – enables a foundation for execution moving forward.”

Appreciation for Smart Digital Transformation

After listening to our point of view on digital transformation, the IDC Link noted: Micro Focus articulated a strategy to enable organizations to leverage existing investments and maintain business continuity while they transform – the essence of what the company calls Smart Digital Transformation.”  It later went on to say:  “the opportunity for the company to capitalize on digital transformation spending is significant.” You can learn more about what we mean by Smart Digital Transformation here.

Solid Customer Engagement

As a summary of what they experienced at our largest-ever customer event, the analysts noted: Micro Focus demonstrated the company’s ongoing commitment to the installed base customers and its intent to deliver solutions in a smart and pragmatic way.”  They also noted that the event “had rich and broad sessions demonstrating the value of Micro Focus’ solutions with more than 30 customer-led presentations.”

We feel this commentary is yet another validation of the progress that Micro Focus is making as we evolve and digitally transform ourselves.  We are driving the discussion on digital transformation, working with great customers like GM and Carrefour who are demonstrating significant progress in adapting to new business realities, ensuring we deliver on customer commitments as reflected in our NPS scores, working well with great partners, and fighting for diversity and inclusion – all while managing the business with a level of pragmatism that will ensure our customers can count on us for the long run.

We call this high tech, low drama.  It is something we pride ourselves on, and we are happy to see others are starting to take notice.

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