How companies can lessen financial impacts through DX and technology

The ‘new normal’

I’ve been chatting with many colleagues over the last few months as I learn more about digital transformation (DX) and work on DX assets for Micro Focus.  We’re all dealing with the pandemic in our own way, and most of us share truths on many common topics: the high demand on toilet paper driven by people’s fear of shortage, the difficulty in finding anti-bacterial/viral wipes, working at home with family nearby (not to mention dealing with online school or caring for aging parents), and juggling life tasks alongside to-do lists for your job—just to name a few.

Staging a recovery

In my discussions, I also see how DX can help organizations deal with the global pandemic and keep a careful eye on the economy.  CEOs and executive teams across all industries are trying to find ways to lessen the pain of financial repercussions as people stay home.  I recently read an ebook from IDC called, Moving from Crisis to Recovery: Why Technology is Critical to Success, wherein they discuss using technology through DX as the way to avoid the typical cost-cutting reaction of CEOs.  They show five stages to recovery:


Community spirit

Right now, one of Micro Focus’ main goals is to make sure we are helping existing customers through their crises by getting the most out of the products they already own.  In order to help ensure you maintain business continuity and can better compete in your markets now and in the future, we’ve created a digital transformation discussion board in our community.  Here, people can ask questions about digital transformation and get answers from both Micro Focus and other industry experts alike.

We also understand that organizations need to be able to run and transform at the same time.  One way Micro Focus is doing this is through the creation of a software factory—an integrated set of tools, data, services and process that enables your team to plan, build, test, adaptively release, and/or operate and manage software development internally.  A software factory can help your organization get more out of Micro Focus products you already own and use for IT!  One example is the ability to dip into your IT Security arsenal and use ArcSight as part of your Service Assurance solution.

Need a helping hand?

The pandemic has changed many things, including accelerating digital transformation for many organizations.  It has shaken organizations out of their regular workflows and helped them realize areas they need to strengthen for lasting resiliency.  Digital transformation was already forcing organizations to rethink their IT strategies, but now it promises to help them innovate to fulfill their brand’s promise on the other side of this crisis. If you need to discuss your transformation with a DX expert, we hope you let us know.

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