Saluting the Heroes Among Us

Here at FireEye, we often talk about heroes—from the heroes on the front lines of today’s cyber security battles to the heroes who are pioneering new leadership opportunities for women.

Today, as we navigate the unprecedented challenges brought about by COVID-19, there is another group of heroes who have stepped up on new frontiers. These amazing individuals have always been with us, silently working in the background, but they are now braving new challenges every day with heart and hope.

This post is for them—to salute them, to honor them and to thank them from our hearts to theirs.

We salute the doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers—who have long demonstrated heroism—now risking their own well-being to treat those struggling with this hideous virus.

We salute the heroes producing and delivering medical equipment the healthcare community desperately needs.

We salute the heroes who work in supermarkets and pharmacies, making sure we have food, medicine and other essentials.

We salute the heroes who own and work in restaurants and food service, facing devasting financial challenges but still providing meals to the many sheltered in their homes.

We salute the heroes caring for the elderly in nursing homes—in many communities, the most threatened among us.

We salute teachers, endeavoring to find new ways to engage students forced from their schools, and parents, many balancing job responsibilities while providing their children with the support they need during these uncertain times. They too are heroes.

We salute the heroes who look beyond their own challenges to assist the neediest in our neighborhoods.

Finally, we also salute our cyber security heroes—those in government and business around the world who protect us from cyber attacks. It is an unfortunate fact that attackers look to take advantage of vulnerabilities that arise around crisis and change, and FireEye is honored and proud to do our part to assist these heroes.

Over the past several weeks, our team has been sharing information and resources—here on our blogs and on a special web page we created—that can help strengthen defenses when we are faced with unrest and uncertainty. This information—insights from our experts, relevant media reports, work from home experiences and more—applies not only to the challenges resulting from COVID-19, but to other times of crisis and change.

Of course, our most important contribution is to remain focused on our mission: to relentlessly protect our customers with best technology, insights and expertise we can deliver. That work will continue, and our team will also seek new ways to support the heroes in our security community.

Together with all our remarkable heroes from the front lines of healthcare to the front lines of cyber security we will persevere, we will overcome, and we will emerge stronger. 

When that time comes—when the threat lessens, and we can leave behind the hardships and uncertainties of today’s new normal—we will always remember those who helped us through these difficult days and forever salute these heroes among us.


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