Qualys Community Migration to Salesforce Platform

We are excited to announce that the Qualys Community discussion forums are migrating to the Salesforce platform on June 6-7 weekend.

This 30-day notification explains why we are changing the underlying platform, how it benefits Qualys customers, and what you should expect.


The Salesforce platform offers Qualys community some significant advantages:

New account options: As an existing community member, you can opt for the new single sign-on option from your Qualys subscription, or you can continue to log into Qualys Community directly like you do now.

Easier access: All paid Qualys subscriptions automatically get community access via single sign-on from your Qualys subscription. This makes it easier for more people to participate.

Integrated content: All Support and Community articles will now be available in a single environment. Better access to technical solutions makes it easier to get the most from your Qualys subscription.

Figure 1. Qualys Community on Salesforce platform: Topic page shows related discussions and documents.

Better mobile experience: The new user interface is fully responsive, so you can easily engage with other Qualys experts from your mobile devices.

Smooth transition: All discussion threads, documents, user profiles, likes, follows, preferences and reputation points/levels will be migrated with the same, familiar user interface, to ease the transition to the new platform.

Better TAM support: Your TAM can track your community questions and participation easily in Salesforce, for better responsiveness.

Platform support: The platform that currently powers Qualys Community is end of life in December 2020, and Salesforce offers the best feature set for our community.

While the migration involves a wholesale change to the infrastructure underlying the Qualys Community discussion forums, we are re-building the same Qualys Community experience on Salesforce as you see now to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. There is no change to the customer support portal or your access to cases and feature requests.

Migration Timeline

June 6-7, 2020: Go-live of Qualys Community on the Salesforce platform. The discussion forums and support portal will be unavailable during the migration.

Figure 2. Qualys Community on Salesforce platform: Discussion thread

Qualys Community Member?

If you are an existing community member, you can continue to log into Qualys Community directly, or you can request the new single sign-on option from your Qualys subscription.

Here are the two options:

#1 Single Sign-On Option: Log into your Qualys subscription, click Help → Contact Support and then you will be logged into both the Qualys Community and the Customer Support Portal. That means you can use your Qualys subscription, manage your Support cases, and create/reply to community discussions all from one account login. Read more under Single Sign-On Option below.

If you want single sign-on to your Qualys Community account from your Qualys subscription, please request single sign-on, and it will take effect at community migration (June 6-7).

#2 Independent Option: As the name implies, this type of Qualys Community account is independent of your Qualys subscription, just like it is now. If you change companies, you will still have direct access to your Qualys Community account.

If you want the independent option, do nothing! Your current Qualys Community account will automatically default to the independent option if you don’t request single sign-on.

Either way, your community your history, points, reputation, likes, follows and profile will be available on the new platform.

Not a Qualys Community Member?

All paid Qualys subscriptions (manager, unit manager, reader, and scanner accounts) automatically get single sign-on to Qualys Community and the customer support portal, and anyone (customer or not) can create a community account with the Independent Option. That means you can have either type of account, or you can have both types of account – it’s up to you.

This post was first first published on Qualys Blog’ website by Robert Dell’Immagine. You can view it by clicking here