Announcing the Release of Malware Prevention for Linux

The VMware Carbon Black team has a mission to keep your entire organization safe from cyber attacks. To deliver on this for today’s landscape, the Carbon Black Cloud platform has added malware prevention for Linux to bring the entire protection lifecycle to Windows, macOS, and Linux.

With Linux now making up about 70% of the web server market share and 90% of all cloud servers, and with the recent emergence of more Linux-specific threats (HiddenWasp, QNAPCrypt, and Evilgnome), there is an imperative to address the specific security needs of Linux machines with endpoint security products.

VMware Carbon Black has long recognized the need for better security for Linux and has been adding functionality to our Carbon Black Cloud solutions over time, based on our customers’ needs. We believe strongly in our “Do No Harm” approach of building to satisfy the unique needs of the Linux operating system. The addition of Linux to our prevention solution follows our earlier releases of Linux support for our Audit and Remediation and Enterprise EDR solutions. This initial release for Endpoint Standard includes RedHat RHEL and CentOS 6/7 distributions.

In addition to malware prevention coverage, customers will also be able to adapt policies to their specific environments (by blacklisting particular hashes), leading to more effective prevention coverage and less false positives. With this release, the VMware Carbon Black Cloud platform delivers hardening, prevention, detection and response  across all major operating systems (Windows, macOS, and Linux) and protects all of our customers’ endpoints with a single agent and cloud-native console.

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