A Deeper Discussion About M-Trends 2020, Part One

FireEye released
earlier this year to provide visibility into frontline
investigations of the most interesting and impactful cyber attacks of
the year. In this first episode of our two-part M-Trends 2020
podcast, I discuss the report with Jurgen Kutscher, EVP of Mandiant Solutions.

We begin the episode by highlighting the key themes from M-Trends
, such as dwell time and the continued exploitation of
legitimate credentials. Jurgen discusses the decrease in dwell time
and whether it’s due to organizations getting better at detections or
the changing nature of attacks. You’ll also hear about trends in cloud
security and recommendations for the healthcare industry when it comes
to cloud, as well as insights into compromise detection by third parties.

Listen to the podcast today to dive into M-Trends 2020, and
be sure to tune in for part two where we discuss insider threats,
ransomware, and Jurgen’s recommendations for the year ahead.