Secure remote access and keep cybersecurity threats at distance

Amid the recent events, European officials tighten massive lockdown. The number of employees working from home is dramatically increasing. How does it influence the business flow and – most importantly – is your cybersecurity already under threat?

Employees with both regular and privileged access are in the risk zone. Compromised access of these two groups can result in a number of serious problems. Identity spoofing and phishing attacks, data eavesdropping and leaks – you definitely do not want to add these headaches to the existing to-do list. So what can be done to secure access in such circumstances? Two-factor authentication of remote employees and management of privileged users are some of the key measures to be taken. 

Let Indeed Access Manager solve the tasks connected with regular user’s authentication. Here is what access scenarios can easily be addressed:

  • 2FA in Web applications
  • 2FA in RDP
  • 2FA in VPN
  • 2FA in VDI

At the same time, with Indeed Privileged Access Manager you will:

  1. Get 2FA before granting privileged access to be 100% sure who’ll access the infrastructure. 
  2. Enjoy full control over the sessions by determining what resources system administrators and contractors can access and for how long. 
  3. Publish only PAM Gateway – you do not have to open up the whole infrastructure and expose it to additional risks.
  4. Have video/text records of sessions helping to investigate incidents. It’s your decision if video recording will be turned on for all privileged users or only for some of them.

Why us? 

  1. It’s your fast help – the easiest authentication scenario can be implemented in less than 2 hours, while privileged access management can be deployed in 2 days only
  2. Security comes first, budget concerns second – we understand that the necessity to implement two-factor authentication or privileged access control can be unplanned and your company might not have the budget at the moment. So we offer a free trial to solve the problem now. You could pay for licenses in 6 months. Didn’t like the product? Changed your mind? Then you can determine a contract without any financial or legal consequences.
  3. All your employees are safe – we’ll issue as many licenses as you need. Yes, free of charge for 6 months.
  4. Need PAM and MFA at the same time? We’ll provide you with both products so you’ll simultaneously hit two rabbits with one shot – with Indeed Identity’s help.
  5. Minimum efforts – we’ll guide you through the whole process, provide free consultations and install the system.
  6. Usability – your employees can choose the most convenient and recognizable authentication method: SMS, push notifications, TOTP/HOTP.
  7. Fully operating technical support – we have already adapted to the quarantine situation. The workflow is settled down and our team is ready to assist 24/7.  

Push the button and get the specialist’s consultation in 30 minutes.

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