New Enhancements for Array’s SSL VPN Products

We’ve recently released a number of important enhancements for the AG Series and vxAG SSL VPN appliances as part of AG release 9.4. Now available in this release are email-based hardware ID self-registration, support for macOS 10.14, and DesktopDirect support for Windows Server 2016 and 2019 as remote desktops.

Email-based hardware ID self-registration automates the process of registering for access to SSL VPN. Especially helpful for larger organizations, this capability utilizes the device’s hardware ID to recognize whether it has been previously approved or denied access. If neither is the case, the AG Series will look up the user’s email in the LocalDB or LDAP server, then send an email to the device with a system-generated random URL. Users simply click the URL to self-register their hardware and gain approval for SSL VPN access.

Further adding to the list of operating systems supported, DesktopDirect now supports using Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019 as remote desktops. If you’re not familiar with DesktopDirect, it is a license add-on for the AG Series that helps mitigate the risks of business continuity events (like blizzards, flooding, etc.) and improve employee productivity through remote desktop access. Using DesktopDirect, workers can remotely connect to their office PCs from any device – even if the device is turned off – anywhere and anytime. There’s almost no learning curve as staff sees their familiar office machine desktop, and data never leaves the corporate network so security is assured.

AG release 9.4 also adds SSL VPN support for macOS 10.14, a.k.a. Mojave, one of the latest macOS releases. For more information, reach out to your Array authorized reseller or local Array regional sales manager.