Video on Demand from Indeed Identity webinar on PKI: Multiple use cases – single point of management

Public Key Infrastructure can be your best friend and worst enemy at the same time:  offering a solution for many problems of information security, it also requires proper maintenance which can be challenging. Imagine having an effective tool to automate and manage PKI in the challenging environment of a mid-size and large enterprise. One sophisticated solution applicable even in complex use cases and with limited budgets. With Indeed Certificate Manager, it will become your reality.

Indeed Certificate Manager gives your company all the necessary tools to manage and control the variety of certificate authorities, issued certificates and smart cards at hands of employees in any use cases:

  • Physical smart cards. Virtual smart cards. TPMs. Network attached smart cards.
  • User self-service. Employees can perform key operations independently at their workstations thus reducing help desk workload
  • Device and user tracking. Bind a smart card to a workstation or a user account, monitor smart card connections to workstations, perform predefined operations on device connection (forced update, SOPIN change, user PIN block etc.)
  • Universal scenario and use case handling in accordance with system policies
  • Mobile devices. Various scenarios involving smartphones and tablets; smart card in the cloud – the user’s mobile device stores keys and performs cryptographic operations


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