ArcSight Investigate Searching. And other YouTube videos

Brian Chong, pre-sales solutions architect with Micro Focus, presents in this new video the search feature with Arcsight Investigate. ArcSight Investigate is our new hunting and security analytics platform for detecting the unknown threats. It is fast and very easy to use as it leverages Vertica – designed to handle Big Data queries. In this video Brian demonstrates the search feature and its ease of use.

Watch the video:

Investigates’ Google-like search looks simple, it’s build for EASY and INTUITIVE INTERACTIVE input and for SPEED. If you are interested in visualization capabilities of ArcSight Investigate, please check a previous videos or subscribe to YouTube channel.


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About ArcSight Investigate

Have you ever seen top-notch computer analysts in TV shows and movies, like Bourne Identity or The Blacklist? They are wizards! They can solve analytical problems of any type and now everything about any technology, from how a microwave works, to all of the details of airplane communication systems, satellites, car hacks, cell phones, building architecture, power grids etc. Well, they don’t, but they seem to find everything they are looking for in mere minutes, just by using a keyboard, not even a mouse. They just type in a few words, perform queries with lightning speed, and data starts to show, tables full of statistical information, charts and plans are drown. Well – with ArcSight investigate you can become a wizard like that, this is that kind of a tool!

ArcSight Investigate is a next generation hunt and investigation solution built on a new advanced analytics platform to serve the evolving needs of security teams. It helps hunt and defeat unknown threats by processing large volumes of data almost instantly. Security analysts are empowered with an intuitive solution to investigate higher-priority threats quickly and accurately. With the ability to leverage data lakes, ArcSight Investigate provides insights from Big Data to drive real value. Investigate takes advantage of HPE Vertica, a high performance analytics platform, bringing unprecedented analytical power to the investigative process. HPE Vertica’s columnar database responds to queries much faster than traditional row-oriented databases and handles analytics at exabyte scale. By embedding this new technology, ArcSight Investigate can execute searches up to 10X faster than other investigation tools, returning results in seconds even for months or years of data. The ability to ask questions at scale unlocks the opportunity for security analysts to explore data without limiting the time span or result size of their searches.

  • Execute searches 10x faster using the power of Vertica
  • Multi-threaded architecture can process multiple searches instantly
  • Provide powerful advanced analytics to uncover hidden insights
  • Create queries without having to learn a specific query language and schema
  • Filter, select, sort, compare, aggregate data in a familiar interface
  • Create data visualizations and a customized dashboard with a few clicks
  • Search and access a full range of data across Hadoop and ArcSight Investigate
  • Take advantage of insights from Big Data to drive real value
  • Access to all your data all the time with efficient storage option

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