Is really unsafe/hacked?

It’s new day at REAL security and again we see, that even the most basic security principles of web sites are not understood by users. Yesterday there was a big hype about popular Ethereum Web Wallet Site being hacked/unsafe/… and users were again totally disoriented. It’s really simple to prevent most of the possible threats (phishing, DNS hijacking, Man in the Middle attack….) if you follow 3 simple steps for all web site visits involving confidential/valuable information as credit cards, accounts, crypto private keys….:

1) Make sure you are on correct web site. For example: is NOT the same as (ONE SIMPLE LETTER, EASY TO MISS!).
2) Make sure you are visiting HTTPS (https://), which is certificate secured + SSL encrypted HTTP channel (HTTP + SSL = HTTPS) between your device and the site you are visiting.
3) Make sure site certificate is VALID! You should get NO WARNINGS about certificate whatsoever! If you do, STOP! Most of browsers today will show you something like web address in green – example from Safari in OS X:

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