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The role of application delivery controllers (ADCs) is becoming more crucial for the availability and quality of experience of your applications. While traditional they were responsible for the scalability and high availability of the application, now days, ADCs are also responsible for the performance and protection of applications. The amount of applications which require the ADC’s services is also growing, and so is the number of environments (or network regions) in which those ADC services are required.

Here are some top reasons how Radware’s Alteon ADC solution enable you to address those challenges better than any other ADC in the market

Reason #1: Unmatched flexibility and agility

speeding up new apps’ deployment requires instant deployment of new ADC services, in any location your apps need to be deployed. With Radware’s Global Elastic License (GEL) you can instantly distribute ADC licenses at the exact capacity required by your application, on a physical Alteon appliance or a virtual infrastructure (i.e. vmware) or in the cloud (i.e. AWS). If the app needs to scale – no problem, simply allocate additional capacity from your GEL license.

Reason #2: Investment protection

planning the right capacity of ADC in multiple datacenters and clouds can be a nightmare that is easily solved with GEL, which allows you to move ADC instances and capacity across any environment or form factor. If an app is decommissioned, simply return the ADC capacity to the GEL license pool for future use. one can even reuse ADC capacity once allocated to a physical appliance, in the cloud.

Reason #3: The most comprehensive, easy to use integrated application protection

Radware’s Alteon ADC solution packs not just advanced application delivery services but also a comprehensive set of technologies all complementing each other to protect your applications from a wide set of cyber-attacks, including a self-learning WAF, an advanced BOT management module, API protection and an active attacker feed which protects against known attackers (regardless of the type of attack), all of that with minimal false positive. The result – deploying and maintaining the application protection service requires (almost) no app security expertise, enabling protection for all applications in the organization.

Reason #4: Insightful and actionable visibility

Radware’s Alteon ADC solution is inherently monitoring the performance and protection of the application it manages, and with its insightful analytics reporting tool, it provide actionable insights into possible issues with applications performance, availability or protection, the root cause of those issues and in some cases recommends actions to amend those issues. Its intuitive interface eliminate the need for experts to monitor and perform root cause analysis and can instantly point to the correct team (e.g. net-ops, app-owner, sec- ops) which need to address potential issues.

Top Reasons to Select Radware’s Alteon ADC

Reason #5: Out of the box automation –

with a set of operator toolbox automation wizards embedded into the Vision central management tool, many ADC-Security related tasks can be easily automation and simplified to a level which eliminates the need of experts to execute provisioning and maintenance tasks. The automation engine in Vision (i.e. Operator Toolbox) enables personalizing the automation tools with new, self-created wizards, to accommodate specific organization needs.

Reason #6: Eliminate any risk on your side

We understand that changing an ADC unit can be time consuming. That’s why this offer includes a comprehensive professional services package that offloads the entire burden of the upgrade and has Radware take full responsibility of all technical aspects of the replacement. This ensures a smooth and successful upgrade. In addition, our professional services team will review your current ADC configuration and ensure it is optimized for optimal performance.



For every ADC appliance returned, get a new Alteon 4208 D-line with a “One level up” licensing upgrade, free of charge. For example:

➢ Buy an Alteon appliance with the Perform license pack and get the same unit with the Secure package, free of charge, adding the integrated application protection modules (WAF, right to use Bot management service and Active attackers feed) and SSL inspect modules


To enable you to enjoy all the benefits of the Alteon solution, we offer the following bundle, competitively priced which includes all of functionality, services and flexibility Alteon has to offer:

➢ One Alteon D-5208S for GEL with 1 year of support
➢ A 3Gbps GEL Secure Pro license subscription which includes:

  • ✓  Spin up to 24 vADCs with app protection on Alteon appliances or on virtualized infrastructure (i.e. vmware, hyper-v, KVM, etc) or in the cloud (AWS, Azure, etc)

  • ✓  Advanced analytics – included

  • ✓  Integrated WAF – included

  • ✓  WAF signature update subscription (SUS) – included

  • ✓  ERT Active attackers feed – included

  • ✓  Right to use Radware’s integrated Bot Management service – included

  • ✓  Vision centralized management and Alteon Cloud Controller



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