OT security with Mission Secure

OT security with Mission Secure: Visibility and Protection for Industrial Assets

Effective industrial security requires a solution that understands your industrial process, all the way down to Level 0. Mission Secure helps critical infrastructure operators minimize risk and prepare for tomorrow’s cyber threats.

Mission Secure delivers the only OT cybersecurity platform that enables complete control over your environment, including visibility, anomaly and threat detection, policy enforcement, and Level 0 signal validation.

Mission Secure company introduction (2 minutes)

OT cybersecurity overview (5 minutes)

  • Targets, vulnerabilities, and threats
  • Typical customer journey
  • Current state of the market

Mission Secure platform overview (30 minutes)

  • Components and capabilities
  • Key use cases
  • Implementation process
  • Service delivery
  • Short demo

Sales opportunities (15 minutes)

  • Target industries
  • Identifying prospects and needs
  • Pilot projects
  • Cross-selling from IT to OT

Next steps (5 minutes)

  • Sales support from Mission Secure
  • Sales support from REAL


For more information about the OT Security and Mission Secure Platform, please reach out to matic.knuplez@real-sec.com.