Are your cloud services secure?

Cloud visibility, activity control and threat protection.

Enterprises have experienced a great deal of change in the last year:

  • 50% increase in cloud-based services
  • 600% Increase in cloud-based collaboration tools
  • 623% increase in threats against these tools
  • Difficulty tracking cloud-based apps in use to secure
  • 2x increase in devices accessing the network
Cloud Registry

Provides the world’s largest and most accurate registry of cloud services with a 1-10 CloudTrust Rating based on a 261-point risk assessment.

AI-driven Activity Mapper

Leverages artificial intelligence to understand apps and map user actions to a uniform set of activities, enabling standardized monitoring and controls across apps.

Guided Learning

Provides human input to machine learning models with real-time preview showing the impact of a sensitivity change on anomalies detected by the system.

Product features

Insider Threat Detection

Leverages machine learning to detect activity signaling negligent and malicious behavior including insiders stealing sensitive data.

Cloud Activity Monitoring

Captures a comprehensive audit trail of all user and administrator activities to support post-incident investigations and forensics.

Structured Data Encryption

Protects sensitive structured data with peer-reviewed, function-preserving encryption schemes using enterprise-controlled keys.

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