The premium new technology conference in the Adriatic

A decade has passed since the bitcoin genesis block, the first block that gave the bitcoin network life. It will arrive to Lasko on the 21st of March 2019, where the first Blockchain Day will take place.

A lot has happened since then. From a cypherpunk underground niche movement by a selected few cryptographers to a mainstream adoption and technological innovation. It’s easy to get caught up in the massive success of blockchain and forget about personal security. Blockchain as it currently exists completely hinges on individual users’ security practices.

Blockchain technology is not just for instant day-trading but a system for instantaneous and secure change tracking. Many companies have or are developing systems for property management, supply line tracking, and decentralized IoT devices.

Seven years ago, Mt. Gox, the then top cryptocurrency exchange, was breached causing thousands of early enthusiasts to lose their cryptocurrency. This shook the crypto space and caused people to rethink their personal security. Big cryptocurrency exchanges trading billions of dollars’ worth of crypto every single day are being targeted by hackers 24/7, with one wrong move resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of damages.

It’s a critical time for blockchain technology, it needs to prove itself on the world stage. World legislators are clamoring to regulate blockchain to suit their own interests, and while this does give cryptocurrency and the blockchain more legitimacy, it also lessens many of the benefits of blockchain. Some in the community are stuck arguing over what Satoshi intended. What is clear is that Satoshi never could have predicted the tremendous successes of blockchain, and maybe would have a completely different idea for the future.

For the first time since the existence of Risk conference we have teamed up with Bitcoin association Slovenia to bring you Blockchain Day at RISK 2019.

The event took place on March 21st 2019!

Blockchain Day will be hosting some of leading influential people from Slovenia that will discuss a variety of topics in a sequence of presentations and finish off the BlockchainDay with a roundtable panel.

We expect 100 participants at Blockchain Day. The largest security conference in the region, RISK 2019, will be hosted at the same time, expecting somewhere around 500 guests. These guests will have access to Blockchain Day as the topics covered will no doubt interest them.

Guests will arrive from more than 20 countries, primarily from the Adriatic region with a smaller number also from other EU countries. Some guests will arrive from Israel and the USA. Blockchain enthusiasts, evangelists and experts are already expected to take part. The expected guest profile is varied: from IT specialists, engineers, developers, sales, advisors, to directors and other decision-makers.

Official event agenda

08:30 – Registration and check-in
09:00 – Opening ceremony and welcoming speech,
09:30 – “Security challenges facing blockchain crypto wallet users” by Alen Šalamun, CTO at REAL Security
10:00 – “A decade of bitcoin and blockchain” byJure Pirc, president of Bitcoin association Slovenia and CEO at Blockmaster – blockchain tehnologije
10:30 – “DLT and cryptoassets regulation in Slovenia”, Aljaž Jadek, Jadek & Pensa, regulation expert at Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia
11:00 – Break
11:30 – “Smart contracts for the cryptocash-strapped Joe Average” by dr. Janez Kranjc, CargoX
12:00 – “Private key security” by Luka Pušić, certified information security professional
12:30 – “Self-sovereign identity: new dimensions of secure identity with the blockchain” by Klemen Zajc, Netis – blockchain technologies
13:00 – Break
13:30 – “Blockhain legal thru time” by Ivo Grlica, founder at Nobile Law Solution
14:00 – “Ethereum and smart contracts” by Simon Belak,Metabase
14:30 – Round table discussion on “Blockchain and GDPR”:
Moderator: Tanja Bivic, president of Blockchain Alliance Europe;
Panellists: Dr. Szabolcs Hargittay, Everprove and Harglowe; Jaka Kolar, Igor Kolar, legal advisor at Ministry of justice of the Republic of Slovenia, GDPR expert from Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia, Tomaž Furlan, CTO of Nxxtech, CEO of Lucis
15:00 Round table discussion on “Cryptomarkets, exchanges, decentralization and a glimpse into the future of blockchain”: Moderator: Jure Pirc, panellists: TBD
15:30 – Closing ceremony and lunch
16:00 – Lunch

Showroom Workshops:

10:00 – Panda Exchange Presentation
11:00 – BC Vault – Workshop
12.00 – European Blockchain HUB Presentation
13.00 – BITCOIN.COM Presentation


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