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Founded in 2013, Webscale is a pioneer in integrated web application delivery in the cloud. Delivered as-a-Service, the company provides businesses with a managed platform that delivers powerful security, 100% uptime, high performance, as well as enhanced visibility and control over website infrastructure in public, private or hybrid cloud environments.

Experts in cloud technology, Webscale has seen a significant spike in demand for its services year as businesses around the world face the same set of challenges with regards to their web applications, namely the need for cloud expertise in migration, hosting and management of applications in the cloud. Webscale’s unique value proposition in not only migrating applications to the cloud, but also orchestrating the ongoing tuning, performance, and security of those applications is what truly differentiates them as a Real Security partner.



Managed SaaS solutions – Webscale offers two options of its managed solutions based on increasing levels of traffic and functionality. Webscale Pro is offered with a multi-tenant data plane for web applications serving up to a million visitors per month and includes inbuilt performance (ADC for traffic management, CDN integration, content optimizations), security (WAF, access control) and predictive auto-scaling for increased uptime. Webscale Enterprise offers the same feature set as Pro, but with support for increased traffic (> 1 M monthly visitors), disaster recovery options for application resiliency, and also a private data plane serving only the application traffic being managed. Webscale Enterprise customers also enjoy Webscale Premium support with enhanced SLAs for faster response and resolution of critical and non-critical incidents.

Add-ons: Webscale Pro and Enterprise customers can incrementally attach advanced products to better manage their development lifecycle or increase their resiliency and security. The Cloud Security Suite is a managed service that includes active incident monitoring and custom security rules to detect and get ahead of cyber attacks such as DDoS and zero-day exploits. Customers may also choose to have Webscale monitor and manage their UAT environments or increase uptime by not only taking multiple backups in a day, but also validating the backups to ensure they work during disasters.


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