Our charity work

From super fast cars and expensive clothes to fine cuisine dining and exotic vacations, there are many ways you can spend your hard-earned dollars. And there is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for a job well done. And it is even better to help and donate to your local community, which REAL security has been doing since 2002.

From 2002 to today we did and we still are supporting and donating to many organizations :

Red Noses

is a society in the public interest in the area of health care and has the status of a humanitarian organization. It has been operating since 2003 and is part of Red Noses International, which brings together organizations of clown doctors in 10 countries (Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, New Zealand, Hungary, Croatia, Latvia, Poland and Slovenia). [...]



Waldorf Kindergarten Mavrična dežela

is part of the international Waldorf education movement, founded in 1919 by Austrian philosopher, educator, and scientist, Rudolf Steiner. The Waldorf curriculum is based on sound principles of child development and endeavors to nourish all aspects of the human being. The integration of arts and sciences encourages wholeness in perspective and creative thought in action.




is International institute for the development of sport and sport culture.


Smučarsko društvo Dolomiti

Ski club Dolomiti



Nogometna šola Marinko Galič

Football school Marinko Galič



SD Policist

The Shooting Society "Policeman"



Košarkarski klub Hurikani

Basketball Club Hurikani


Konjiški maraton

Idea of Konjice marathon was born years ago but it took us quite a while to gather courage and speak about it out loud. Just enough of bravery and a cocktail of complementary characters inflamed a spark which gave a fiery organizing team, who tirelessly worked almost a year.