Fraud Protection

Implement a proactive anti-fraud strategy to protect against external threats. Combining comprehensive coverage, unique detection and intelligence, and automated takedown, Digital Threat Protection offers a unique approach to combat attacks from the beginning – enabling organizations to focus on the future, not the fear of fraud.


Easy Solutions' Total Fraud Protection® Strategy offers a multi-layer portfolio that addresses the different stages in the life cycle of an electronic attack allowing us to prevent fraud in a truly proactive way. The different products and services of the Total Fraud Protection® Strategy are designed to be easily integrated and implemented in stages, depending on the company's security plans and strategies. Our solutions also help institutions comply with various regulations.

Total Fraud Protection is the core principle that drives our solutions and our innovative design to ensure that Easy Solutions provides the very best in omni-channel, multi-platform, flexible integrations. This core principle allows for our solutions to work independently of each other, but can also deliver a collaborative protection suite of products that leverage every aspect of a fraud prevention program when deployed together.

The powerful APIs and SDKs add more value in allowing our customers to leverage previous investments and development efforts and benefit from the next generation of anti-fraud solutions.By understanding complex fraud attacks, Easy Solutions is able to engage fraud throughout the attack cycle. This gives Easy Solutions an advantage at proactive take-down, monitoring, identification and interception, effectively mitigating fraud before it happens. This approach reduces false positives and the overhead of managing tools while lowering the costs associated with supporting an anti-fraud program.

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