Intelligent wifi

Organizations depend on high bandwidth for voice, video, and data to and from mobile devices. Today, more than ever, you need high-performance wireless. We deliver it. Our wireless solutions provide wired-like reliability, superior security, and perform under the most demanding conditions.

Let’s face it, the conventional method of deploying thin APs tied to central controllers is failing under the load of 802.11n; it will completely collapse with the introduction of 802.11ac and 802.11ad. Like the switching market learned some time ago, it’s ridiculous to force all network traffic into a single box. This creates traffic jams and single points of failure.

The best way to deploy a scalable wireless network is with a distributed architecture that joins multiple radios together to create greater capacity and support higher user density. This is how the cellular industry addressed capacity issues with their mobile networks in the late 1990s. By placing more radios on each cell tower coupled with directional antennas, they created greater capacity and coverage per location. This enabled the industry to scale to keep up with demand while saving significant expense by not deploying many more cell towers