Network performance

Imagine an early, sunny morning. You get up, stretch, wash your teeth and go to the toilet, grabing your smart phone to read new emails and provide your prompt responses. You tap on “check mail”, but “no connection”. Annoyed with your bad WiFi reception you finish and dress up, drink your morning coffee, head to the office with your car and end up in morning traffic jam. Ok, now you can check your emails, but still “no connection”, so you say a few nasty words about your mobile data carrier and wait for traffic to release.

You get to the office, start up your computer, open your mail client and, surprise, it does not connect also! So, you pick up your phone, call your IT admin… and a while later, things are working again and a ton of new emails, that you could have answered earlier, now await for you in your inbox. In anger, you swear at your company IT department that has no early visibility in your network and application performance to detect and resolve such problems in time and improve your productivity… and then you realize that is not your imagination, but real life.