Anti Phishing Solutions

The concept of learning through doing. The best information a company can gather– whether it’s customer data or attack intelligence – comes from employees. And, when it comes to phishing–the #1 cause of data breaches–employees are the targets and see email attacks in progress well before incident response teams.



PhishMe Simulator was designed to change risky behavior and enable employees to recognize and report malicious phishing emails.The PhishMe methodology entails periodically immersing employees in simulated real-life phishing scenarios that deliver hands-on experience with safe examples and on-the-spot education opportunities. The PhishMe research teams use real phishing emails to create timely examples and content focused on today’s greatest threats such as Business Email Compromise (BEC) and ransomware.

PhishMe scenarios recreate a variety of such real-world attack techniques and escalate the latest and most critical phishing simulations as ‘Active Threats’ that include:

  • Ransomware
  • Business Email Compromise (BEC)
  • Spear phishing attacks
  • Social engineering attacks
  • Malware and malicious attachments
  • Drive-by attacks
  • Advanced conversational phishing attacks

By leveraging phishing examples analyzed as part of the PhishMe Intelligence service, PhishMe Simulator delivers the latest tricks and tactics being used in real-world phishing attacks.

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