Microsoft Office 365 and Data Protection: Risks in Shared Responsibility—New White Paper

Businesses worldwide rely on Microsoft Office 365 to produce content, collaborate on projects, analyze trends and manage operations. Unfortunately, many businesses also mistakenly rely on Microsoft Office 365 for backup and recovery. This mistake exposes businesses to costly data loss and legal penalties caused by accidental deletions, security threats, retention policy gaps and regulatory noncompliance.

Microsoft prioritizes application availability for Microsoft Office 365 and requires users to handle their own data protection. Microsoft Office 365 does include native replication and limited data retention tools but these features are intended for geo-redundancy and short-term file recovery. For long-term Microsoft Office 365 data protection, businesses need to combine Microsoft Office 365 with a third-party backup solution.

Businesses require long-term data protection to ensure business continuity and avoid legal trouble. The primary causes of data loss are:

  • accidental deletions by authorized users
  • malicious deletions by insider threats, competitors and hackers
  • incomplete data retention policies

If businesses ignore long-term data protection, they risk operational disruptions, financial and reputational losses and unexpected penalties from regulators or courts.

Download a new white paper from NAKIVO to learn how to approach Microsoft Office 365 business data protection for achieving better results.

The white paper:

  • Defines Microsoft’s “shared responsibility model”
  • Outlines the data protection options included and missing from Microsoft Office 365
  • Analyzes specific threats to Microsoft Office 365 data
  • Explains how to counter the threats with third-party backup solutions

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Microsoft Office 365 and Data Protection: Risks in Shared Responsibility—New White Paper

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